Some points you should know before traveling to Iran

admin • 26 December 2018
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Some points you should know before traveling to Iran

To help put your mind at ease about travelling in this incredible country, here’s our list of the most important things to know before you visit Iran.

  1. Iran Is Safe!
  2. There’s A Lot Of Customs To Follow
  3. You Need A Visa For Iran
  4. You Need To Dress Appropriately
  5. Females
  6. Males
  7. Have A Head Scarf In Your Carry-On Luggage Before Arrival
  8. Bring A Phrase Book Or Have Google Translate On Your Phone
  9. Bring A Lot Of Cash
  10. The Currency Has Two Names
  11. Bring Comfortable Footwear
  12. Research The Food And Don’t Just Eat Kebabs
  13. Bring A Backpack Rather Than A Suitcase
  14. Draw Up An Itinerary, But Keep It Flexible
  15. Let Your Guard Down And Talk To Locals
  16. Always Ask The Price Before Buying
  17. Book Domestic Flights With Your Accommodation Or Travel Agent
  18. Team Up With Other Travellers And Share Tours
  19. The Traffic Is Horrible