Tomb Of Abesh Khatoun. She was originally from Shiraz, daughter of Bibi Khatun of Kirman, granddaughter of Kutlugh Turkana of Kirman, and maternal niece of Padishah Khatun of Kirman.Abesh Khatoun married Manku Timur and resided in Urdu, capital of the Illkhante. In 1263, her father-in-law, Khan Hulagho, defeated Seljuck Shah of Persia, and then sent Abish to Shiraz to reign as his vassal ruler instead.
When Abish returned to Shiraz there was great celebration and coins were struck in her name. The Khutba was also proclaimed in her name, signifying her confirmation as sovereign monarch.
She was the last sovereign of the Atabek dynasty.

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